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Whenever I’m feeling agitated, out of sorts, or spending too much time chewing on a problem, I know I can turn to my Paths of Grace meditation and always find some calmness or resolution there. I’ve listened to many meditations over the years and this is the only one that brings me such reliable peace.

Peg O’Neil
Psychotherapist Eating Disorders Unit
Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA

Donna’s CDs are beautifully soothing and transformative. She takes us into magical realms in which the stresses of life are washed away. The CDs are skillfully produced and create deep states of peace. You will love Donna’s voice, and you’ll marvel at the effects of both her voice and message. Wonderful!

Marilyn Gordon
Director of the Center for Hypnotherapy
Oakland, CA

With her soothing voice, Donna creates opportunity for deep relaxation, inner connection and rejuvenation. Masterfully blending hypnosis, guided imagery, and spirituality, she assists you in casting off the stresses and constraints of daily life and entering the world of stillness and spaciousness.

Jan DiSanto
RN, MFT, Mill Valley, CA

Donna’s work on Paths of Grace is both intelligent and
insightful. In each series, she has skillfully synthesized the components necessary to craft a well executed guided
meditation with a truly inspired progressive narrative. I would expect nothing less from such an intuitive, gifted and spiritual therapist as Donna!

Andrea Morese
Psychic, Owner of Psychichit.com

When I need to get "away" for a short time, I let Donna guide me to that joyful, relaxed place we each have inside ourselves. Donna artfullyutilizes her multi-faceted skills as a healer, therapist, and loving person in these beautiful CDs. She walks and talks us to the place we need to go for healing, affirmation, and rest. These discs are a true gift for yourself, or someone you care about.

Julie Greenfield
RN, Castro Valley, CA

Paths of Grace guides me into a genuine state of deep
relaxation that is amazing. I take a journey on this Path when I want to unplug from day to day worries or stresses.

Sandy Nevala-Lee
Avalon Books, Castro Valley, CA

Paths of Grace is just what I need to motivate me to sit and calm my thinking process. The more I quiet myself, the closer to peace I feel. Donna takes me there effortlessly.

Marian Babbidge
Workshop participant, Castro valley, CA

Paths of Grace is a deeply healing seminar, all on one CD. I feel calmer and rebalanced after experiencing and listening to Donna’s voice.

Sue S.
Psychotherapist, Mill Valley, CA

At least three of my clients have told me that listening to Paths of Grace helps them with anxiety and sleep, and with tranquility and balance. One woman, who is a creative artist, says that listening greatly heightens her imagination. I continue to recommend your CDs to clients-and to give them to my friends as gifts.

Helen Bruner
Clinical Social worker, Berkeley, CA