Benefits of Listening

Using Paths of Grace guided imagery brings you into deep, soothing, coherent, meditative state to easily and effectively assist you in changing your habits, attitudes and emotions. Paths of Grace CD’s can be used to work with any of the following concerns:

Paths of Grace ~ Volume One
   Sacred Sauna One
: soothe the body and mind to alleviate

  • Worry and anxiety
  • Difficulties getting into deep sleep
  • Stress and Tension
  • Agitation and reactivity

   Buddha Baths: awaken your higher self to cultivate compassion and

  • Open your heart to yourself and others
  • Strengthen your ability to let go and become less controlling
  • Release anger and blame
  • Shift from your head into your heart to improve relationships

   Throne Room: activate your strengths, abilities and dreams by

  • Becoming more empowered to achieve your goals and desires
  • Cultivating inner confidence and focus
  • Catalyzing past successes to manifest in the present

Paths of Grace ~ Volume Two

   Sacred Sauna Two
: clear your mind & access your inner wisdom to:

  • Control your impulses and change poor personal habits
  • Stimulate motivation to meet your goals and deter procrastination
  • Generate clarity and creative solutions

   Mystic Mud Baths: gently release negativity & balance your energy to:

  • Relax and let go of tension, frustration, and anger
  • Increase optimism and a felt sense of gratitude
  • Become more peaceful, grounded and centered

   Chamber of the Divine Feminine: receive nurturing and healing    energies of the Divine mother to:

  • Recover from a loss or the end of a relationship
  • Promote healing, self love and security
  • Heal past wounds related to being disappointed or abandoned