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Welcome to Paths of Grace ~ step into a sanctuary where you can relax your body, enlighten your mind, open your heart, and connect to your soul.

Each path in the sanctuary is designed to help
you work with your inner consciousness in order to transform your outer reality. You are in charge of the pace and the process. You can adjust the amount
of time you spend and your goals to suit your needs. You can also use Paths of Grace CDs to simply shift to that peaceful inner state which is the balancing and healing mode for the body. You can also use these experiences to commune with your spiritual core --
to access that state of consciousness in which we
feel our connection to all that is, to the cosmos,
the infinite oneness.

You will find that the effects of Paths of Grace deepen with repetition. Each time you return you will find deeper places within yourself.

Sample Paths of Grace - Volume One Sample Paths of Grace - Volume Two


©2007 Donna Morrish





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